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Version: 1.2.6

Setup Settings

Here you will find a few explanations of the setup settings


Only edit if you know what you are doing. A few settings, if misconfigured, can destroy your setup.

What do the numbers behind the setup mean?

The number indicates which setup it is, for example Setup-1 is the first setup that was made. You can make several setups, each of which represents a ticket creator. For example, if you have different support areas, you can make a second setup where a different role provides support.


All basic settings for the setup

➤ TimeZone

It is important to choose the correct time zone, more info here.

➤ Language

Here the language can be adapted by the bot, the bot will edit the embed after saving.

Ticket Creator

Ticket Creator describes the embedding and text channel by creating new tickets by pressing a button.

➤ Creator embed channel


To save this item, Save & Repost MUST be clicked so that the bot can move the embed and save the correct ids.

Here you can adjust the TextChannel where the embed ends up, which is used to create new tickets.


➤ Log TextChannel

Here you can select the channel where the logs are saved when a ticket is closed.


➤ Max Tickets per User


Set to -1 to close the support, no more tickets can be created in the setup.

Here you can set how many open tickets a user may have in the setup at the same time.

Anything unclear or buggy in this part? Please report it!