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Version: 1.2.7


Here you will find all basic information

➤ Where can I find the settings for the bot?

After you have successfully logged in with your Discord account, you will find the Settings item in the navigation on the left under User-Area.


➤ Select your Discord server

If you have not yet selected a Discord, you must select your Discord once here.



Your Discord is not available in the Discord selection? Check your Discord permissions and make sure the bot is on Discord.

➤ Select the setup you want to change

There are different setups that you can edit here.

On the picture you will find 2 setups, one is the Setup General, which is always present as soon as you have invited the Discord, and Setup-1, which only exists as soon as you have finished /setup.

A Is only for general settings B Is for setup based settings, B contains ur setup-name from /Setup.


Anything unclear or buggy in this part? Please report it!